Payday Cash Loans The payday loans don’t have any credit check and there is no paper work required for the approval. After the approval of the loan the cash is directly transferred to your account electronically within twenty four hours. The payday loan companies help the people to meet their needs in emergency cases and it is the best solution for the immediate money problems. They are also called as the check loans, credit payday loans etc… When you are in need of money immediately you do not mind paying the hefty interest amounts. The unemployed people receiving the social security payments can also apply for these types of loans. You can only get one loan at the time but after repaying the previous loan you can apply for another payday loan. Some online companies offer the fax less payday loans that doesn’t have the loans without any information sent through fax. You can easily fill the loan application online for the cheap payday loan but check the interest rate before applying whether you can afford or not. Read the terms and conditions before applying and clarify what will happen if you cannot pay the loans in time. If you return the loans in time then the possibilities for getting the payday loan next time is very easy even for the high amounts. There are many advantages associated with the payday loans they are getting cash in minutes, no paperwork required, bad credit is also accepted, no collateral required and 100% safety.